Do you have Molped Ultra Airactive?

We present to you the new sanitary pads Molped Utra Airactive with surface that lets air in.

They stand out from the other sanitary pads since they are created especially for dynamic girls and women that lead active life.
The newMolped Utra Airactive have special breathing surface. It provides constant air circulation and prevents sore skin. Even dancing for hours or sport would not cause deformation of the pads surface. The new Molped Utra Airactive are invisible even under tight jeans.

With Molped Ultra Airactive sanitary pads you will be always in the mood!

Today all women ask each other:

Why women choose Molped Utra Airactive?

Because Molped Utra Airactive are breathingalready!
The surface of Molped Utra Airactive lets air in.
The micropores of the surface allow air circulation, but do not let out the liquid and vice versa.. Due to that you are clean, dry and comfortable all the time.

Because the upper surface Molped Utra Airactive is so special!The special upper surface has dual action lets the liquid to the inside part and does not let it to run back. The distributing layer allows even absorption of the liquid along the entire surface of the pad and provides maximum comfort.

Because Molped Utra Airactive have absorbent layer!
The special absorbent layer in the pads inside absorbs completely the liquid and transforms it into gel. Thus you feel reliably protected.

Because with the wigs of Molped Utra Airactive you are protected at any time!
The protective wings attach firmly to the underwear and provide comfort when you move because the pad never slides.

Because Molped is manufactured with technology that is a state of art!
Molped is manufactured with technology that is a state of art in the hygiene industry. The Molped pads are used in 52 countries all over the world.

Because the quality of Molped is guaranteed!
Molped is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001standard.

The control of quality is constant from delivery of the raw materials in the plant to their transformation into ready made product, from packaging of production to its arrival to the consumers.

Molped variety of kinds allows to every women to choose the best type for her.
Big economy packs are offered.

All products are distinct with their high quality obtained as a result of the quality raw materials used as well as the modern technologies of production and the permanent control of the manufacturing process.

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