Complete care for your skin!

Offered in varieties such as soap with flower extract, sea mineral and milk extract, Hayat Beauty Soap With Cream provides the moisture and care required for the skin with its moisturizing cream and extracts within its composition. Specially prepared for those wishing to provide proper care and extra softness for their skins, the Beauty Soaps with Cream are offered to consumers in 4 x 100-gr. economical packages and boxes of 100 gr.

These are the beauty soaps that nourish the skin due to their natural extracts and provide the moisture and care required for the skin. While refreshing the skin, Hayat Skin Care Soaps also complements to its healthy appearance. Provides special care for the skin with the Almond & Vanillin, Milk & Honey, Aloe Vera & Glycerine, Silk Protein & Orchid and E Vitamin & Daisy varieties:

Almond & Vanillin: Moisturizes and softens
Milk & Honey: Nourishes and moisturizes
AloeVera & Glycerine: Moisturizes and refreshes
Silk Protein & Orchid: Feeds and softens
E Vitamin & Daisy: Protects and refreshes.
100/150 gr. packages

Do not dry the skin and provide a good care for it with its apple, lemon, rose and lily varieties.75gr. packages.


Offered in 6 different natural and pleasant fragrances of rose, jasmine, lavender, lily, lemon and apple, Hayat blister beauty soaps, arranged in groups of 3, refresh and relax the skin. Packed in easily handled and attractive package, Hayat blister beauty soaps have been prepared to meet the needs of consumers for cleanliness and care in various environments.
75gr./125gr. packages.

All products are distinct with their high quality obtained as a result of the quality raw materials used as well as the modern technologies of production and the permanent control of the manufacturing process.

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